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All your domestic work completed

Domestic Work

Tree Solutions (West Midlands) Ltd., has a solid repution, providing an arboreal service that has been built up over 10 years.

We provide a professional, affordable service.

Our fully licensed and qualified arborists will carry out work safely, ensuring no risk to premises.  Method statements and Risk Assessments will be put in place prior to the start of each job.

We are able to advise on all elements of tree work and management.

Aerial Inspection

If an aerial inspection is required then a fully qualified member of staff can carry out a full visual inspection of the crown of the tree: checking for any signs of weakness, bark damage, fungus, dead wood, squirrel damage etc., or anything that may cause harm in the future.  A full report with photos will be submitted to the client once work is completed.

Arboricultural Survey’s

If an Arboricultural Survey is required (for mortgage purposes or similar) a qualified surveyor will attend site and provide a full written survey, compliant with  BS regulations and Health and Safety regulations. The survey will be a written programme giving a clear understanding of the work that is required.



If your hedge has become overgrown, we can maintain it safely bringing it back under control.  This may include reducing the overall height of the hedge using correct methods and tools which in turn will open up your property to more valuable light within the summer for you to enjoy.

We can also prune and shape your hedges correctly.  With our expertise we can transform your hedge to satisfy your requirements.

Tree Solutions (West Midlands) Ltd., can provide you with a yearly visit to keep on top of your hedge maintenance giving you less to worry about.

Crown Thin/Clean

Crown thinning is the removal of selective branches/stems to increase the light penetration and air movement within the crown of the tree. This will in turn improve the tree’s structure while keeping the overall shape.  Contact us for further information.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the removal of selective branches from the outer edge of the crown to reduce the overall size.

If you have a tree on your property that is blocking sunlight a crown reduction may help to let more light into your property.

Crown Lifts

Crown Lifts are carried out by removing lower limbs/branches to increase the ground clearance to the lower section of the crown.

This is useful if you wish to open up the space more, or the tree is close to footpaths or roads.  Our team will be happy to offer advise on the best way to proceed.

Section Dismantle

Our aim is always to preserve trees but in some cases for safety the only option is to section dismantle.

A section dismantle may be required due to ill health of the tree from dead, dying or disease. Tree Solutions (West Midlands) Ltd., will always plan this work carefully.  At all times work is carried out ensuring no risk to premises, staff or members of the public.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is carried out using heavy machinery with a rotary blade.  The stump is reduced to sawdust and can be removed or recycled according to the client’s requirements.

Tree Preservation Orders

Tree Preservation Orders are usually made to protect trees which make a significant contribution to the amenity of an area. Before any work is commenced Tree Solutions (West Midlands) Ltd.,  will carry out the necessary checks to see if the work being carried out has any TPO’s.  We will take care of any planning requirements as part of our comprehensive customer care.

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